Viola & Pansy Festival

During 2003, plant breeders and seed suppliers from around the world were invited to submit varieties for trial. The responded with enthusiasm, encouragement and the seed required to produce trial plants. This included some new varieties that had not even been named, but were only identified by experimental numbers.

On 27th and 28th March 2004, Meadow Croft Garden Centre staged its first Viola & Pansy Festival, when over 700 different varieties of these wonderful plants were displayed for the public to admire and compare.


The 700 varieties provided a stunning array of colour on the festival days, augmented by displays of violas and pansies in theatrical settings. During the trial we were honoured by visits from profession plant breeders from Japan, Italy, Belgium and the USA, who all came to see how their varieties had performed. More important still were the thousands of public visitors who came, including some who driven over 100 miles to reach us.

We encourage everyone who comes to our festival to vote for their three most favourite varieties. From these votes our festival favourite range are selected.